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Company Overview

A reality world of work from year to year is always increasing job seekers, both in quantity and in quality, One of the causes of increasing job seekers due to climate rapidly evolving world of work, therefore the need for an effective and efficient breakthrough will need a lot of manpower the many job seekers who can not find their own jobs.

World dynamic and efficient work requires qualified candidates and effective, appropriate and targeted. Similarly, many users of labor / company activity and busyness sometimes because there is no time to get their own manpower that meets the necessary requirements.

On the basis of this reality, it is necessary to involve external parties / private in finding competent human resources and appropriate qualification cooled companies. Asno Consulting here to provide solutions, in this case as a mediator between the bridge and bring together job seekers and companies Asno Consulting continues to improve its services as service providers and Management Consultants to provide the best fit the needs of the company.

Company Name

ASNO Consulting


Since 2012

Busieness field

Recruitment, Training, Internship, Psychotest

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Jabodetabek, West Java, & East Java

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